Project Eldaris v0.3: Planned features



Main menu, loading screen

In-game achievements/challenges

Mute button

Get rid of satan star = Incomplete in this alpha

Tutorial/accessible game guide to help players figure out what to do. Game is too overwhelming/confusing for new players.

Sound effects for entering zones, money/coins sound effect when press work button.

Press pickpocket, button flashes(?) and makes sound effect so player knows it’s done something instead of having to look at game messages. Player’s tend to hate buttons that ‘seem’ to do nothing.

Walk players through the first 10 things that I’ld do as a developer when playing my own game. Slowly introduce players to the basic concepts. 

Hirelings. More building types such as Barber shops, Public Bathes…

Merchant’s Guild

Complete these settlements: Tarith. Lonbridge. Aumroth. One Aumroth Village.

Fix sleep button

Let work button take into account if you staying at an inn. If staying at inn = True then pressing yellow = -10gp. (at top of yellow button code)

Sleep and Work Button must result in chance of activating random event

Doing action does not take you back to frame 4

Investigate bug reports

Job promotion system

About to die warning system (due to hunger or thirst)

50+ random events (both in city and while travelling)

Disease, curing diseases

Blessings at the temple make your character ‘blessed’ 

Sailing random events. Traveling random events. Stuff like sea monsters, travelling villagers etc.


  • Studying, Cooking a meal, Painting, Gardening… good for skill training. These should become the player’s job. Instead of Job title it would say “Learning ___ skill”.

College of Eldaris, let the player’s character’s get educations in fields required to get higher paying jobs. 

Council of the wise and the Throne room not being added until v0.4

All jobs in v0.25 need to be functional and actually obtainable

Fighting (actual combat!)

  • Make armor useful in combat

Introducing fireRPG!


What’s this!?!? An epic and ambitious RPG project being made with an extremely old code language!??? (AS2)

A game where you journey across the lands to save the world and all that other generic RPG stuff!?!?

A game where you collect pointless potions which you’ll just hold on to for the day when you need them?????


Need I say more, ladies and gentlemen? Team Toasted Toast is back into the RPG genre. What awaits now is many hours in a basement programming when I should be working on college assignments, it will be long, grueling and painful. But here at TTT pain is our business! AND BUSINESS IS GOOD!!

I’m really excited to show off what I’ve got after a few hours work, most of the art at this time is being re-used from past abandoned projects. So without further ado, I would like to introduce the opening segment of fireRPG!

A to advance through the text, arrow keys to move, demo ends when you reach the yellow bar.

V0.3 plan


I’ve been really hesitant to start continue my work on Project Eldaris. I’ve been really busy lately and I’ve also been unsure of what direction I want the game to take.

Here’s a basic ‘to-do’ list for v0.3:

These would bring the game to life, right now I’m thinking of allowing 3 – 5 quests per life. You might be asked to hunt down a murderer, join a convoy escorting a noble through dangerous lands etc.

Characters to talk to in every settlement:
You would meet NPCs randomly by living in a city a long time. You’re more likely to meet a blacksmith if you work as a blacksmith for a while, meet bandits/bards by hanging out at the inn etc.

Why bother with NPCs? Because they can offer valuable opportunities, quests, presents, and they make your hero happier. Some NPCs could become trusted friends, girlfriends, wives, enemies etc.

NPCs can catch diseases (which might prompt them to ask you for money), they can accidentally kill themselves, and go to jail/adventures/war/whatever. NPCs who dislike you can blackmail you if your reputation is known to be low, which you might want to fix by framing them for a crime, hiring assassins or killing them yourself. NPCs who like you can give you presents, offer for you to hang out at the local inn, and join you in adventures. Nobles would be unlikely to be known to you until you are a noble, but if you somehow do a huge favor for a noble they may be inclined to raise your status to become a noble as well. Girlfriends could cook you meals and Wives could give you a cut of her salary etc.There are many possibilities that arise when we add characters to interact with.

Travelling in between Settlements:
Traveling would take a few days depending on the distance between settlements, and would come with the risk of bandits and other dangers. Travelling on foot is slow, Traveling by horseback is faster but requires a horse to be bought, and Traveling as part of a convoy is especially slow but safer.

A new city:
A city called Lonbridge will be added. It will offer many different facilities than Aumroth.

There will be 3 types of attacks. Defensive, Normal and Aggressive. There will be chances of missing attacks, dodging attacks, and if an opponent is wearing armor they might be able to deflect the damage. There will be 3 weapons: Fists, Daggers and Swords.

Swearing an oath of fealty at the moment is an easy way to earn some quick gold, and working as a guard is a decent paying job that requires no prior skill building. However you will be asked sometimes to go on dangerous escort tasks or even go to war. Anyone who has sworn an oath of fealty is required to join the High King’s Army unless held rather not show up. (at the risk of going to jail or even execution.) The war could be brutal and long or easy and quick. You could be required to fight in many battles or be garrisoned in an remote outpost and see no action at all. War is a good way to make loyal friends (who will have a tendency to die) and improve your strength and respect greatly, and you could even go up the ranks and become a permanent officer, or even general in the army.

More random events:
These make day-to-day life more interesting in Project Eldaris.

Wilderness /w dungeons, monsters, etc:
The wilderness will provide an extremely hostile place for the player to risk it all and go exploring in the hopes of finding glory.

Finally fix the calendar:
It’s been broken for ages.

Activities such as talking to the ladies and sleeping in the slums will carry the possibilities of catching diseases that can be treated for a price in the temple.

Weather system:
Some days will be sunny, rainy, stormy etc. Traveling around while in a storm will be a good way to catch a disease.

A better economy:
There are three materials to invest in; Iron, Coal and Gold. Eventually these resources will peak in price for you to sell for a profit, or drop in price for you to buy in mass amounts. Opportunities like this will happen throughout the game but you’re more likely to be faced with these opportunities if you keep an eye on the stock market or happen to be a member of the Merchant’s Guild.

Animations and a crappy game


Here’s what happens when you get bored making a game and decide to ruin it:

And here’s some animations I’ve been working on, I’m not announcing anything right now because I have a bad tendency to quit games halve way through (see above). The basic idea is that you’ll be a fire mage and the choices you make result in one of the multiple possible endings.

v0.11 – Mood and Thirst


Access here.

Two new mechanics have been added, Mood and Thirst. Also mood and temperature are being displayed differently, rather than exact numbers there will be pictures depicting the state you are in. A green smiley face means your mood is high, and a freezing ice cube means your temperature is low.

Thirst is similar to hunger but depletes even faster, but it is easier to replenish as you can just use the Aumroth well to get a drink.

Mood will have effects on the game, such as temporarily lowering your charisma and strength. If your mood gets extremely low and you work in a high-end job (like a priest) you could be asked to take a few days off and be refused work. These are just ideas at the moment so they haven’t been added yet.