Detention Simulator

Now that the year is coming to an end we’ve found a lot more time than usual to work on some of our projects. This is a game we’ve been working on for about a month or two.

Play on Kongregate

Play on Newgrounds


Right now I need to get some sleep (but maybe just a bit of counter strike first) but as of this writing the game has been out for almost an hour and has got 5 plays on Kongregate and 32 plays on Newgrounds… not off to a great start.

I might do a follow-up of this post in a few days and discuss the design theories behind the game (eg. lowering the player’s expectations and making them bored then shoving a deadly fast-paced action scene in their face) and discuss whether Kongregate or Newgrounds is better in terms of giving new games from unrecognized devs exposure to the public.

But until then, enjoy the game!


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