Introducing fireRPG!


What’s this!?!? An epic and ambitious RPG project being made with an extremely old code language!??? (AS2)

A game where you journey across the lands to save the world and all that other generic RPG stuff!?!?

A game where you collect pointless potions which you’ll just hold on to for the day when you need them?????


Need I say more, ladies and gentlemen? Team Toasted Toast is back into the RPG genre. What awaits now is many hours in a basement programming when I should be working on college assignments, it will be long, grueling and painful. But here at TTT pain is our business! AND BUSINESS IS GOOD!!

I’m really excited to show off what I’ve got after a few hours work, most of the art at this time is being re-used from past abandoned projects. So without further ado, I would like to introduce the opening segment of fireRPG!

A to advance through the text, arrow keys to move, demo ends when you reach the yellow bar.


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