Project Eldaris v0.3: Planned features



Main menu, loading screen

In-game achievements/challenges

Mute button

Get rid of satan star = Incomplete in this alpha

Tutorial/accessible game guide to help players figure out what to do. Game is too overwhelming/confusing for new players.

Sound effects for entering zones, money/coins sound effect when press work button.

Press pickpocket, button flashes(?) and makes sound effect so player knows it’s done something instead of having to look at game messages. Player’s tend to hate buttons that ‘seem’ to do nothing.

Walk players through the first 10 things that I’ld do as a developer when playing my own game. Slowly introduce players to the basic concepts. 

Hirelings. More building types such as Barber shops, Public Bathes…

Merchant’s Guild

Complete these settlements: Tarith. Lonbridge. Aumroth. One Aumroth Village.

Fix sleep button

Let work button take into account if you staying at an inn. If staying at inn = True then pressing yellow = -10gp. (at top of yellow button code)

Sleep and Work Button must result in chance of activating random event

Doing action does not take you back to frame 4

Investigate bug reports

Job promotion system

About to die warning system (due to hunger or thirst)

50+ random events (both in city and while travelling)

Disease, curing diseases

Blessings at the temple make your character ‘blessed’ 

Sailing random events. Traveling random events. Stuff like sea monsters, travelling villagers etc.


  • Studying, Cooking a meal, Painting, Gardening… good for skill training. These should become the player’s job. Instead of Job title it would say “Learning ___ skill”.

College of Eldaris, let the player’s character’s get educations in fields required to get higher paying jobs. 

Council of the wise and the Throne room not being added until v0.4

All jobs in v0.25 need to be functional and actually obtainable

Fighting (actual combat!)

  • Make armor useful in combat


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