The Legend of Team Toasted Toast


One day Shadowgrail was skipping around throwing pink flower petals from his basket at school. There was a new club being set up in the old computer room that nobody used, so the club was named the “Game Development Room”. Shadowgrail made his way there and met most of the members of the club. DannyDaNinja was there stealing code from crappy choose your own adventure games and Darkscanner was having a good time using private browsing in safari.

Then suddenly UnknownGuardian entered the room.


The legendary UnknownGuardian himself, right in front of shadowgrail’s eyes! Everyone quieted down, giving UG their full attention and respect but being careful to avoid eye contact as to not insult the godly dominance and alpha aura he possessed.

“My children, I know why you are here. For too long developers have lived in solitude and ignorance, but today is the dawn of a new age. A age where developers can share knowledge and power as we all make progress towards our glorious enlightenment and sponsorship by Armor Games.”

The room erupted in applause, one kid called Senekis93 started crying in joy.

So we got to work, a brotherhood was formed where both noobs and professionals alike were equal. However UnknownGuardian was quick to introduce a hierarchy system where nondevelopers would have to wear black shirts, developers would have to wear blue shirts, moderators wore orange shirts and he alone had the honor of wearing a red shirt. Alternate uniforms were forbidden and would result in immediate banishment from the Game Development Room for all eternity.



A year passed and Shadowgrail was eager to impress his brothers with his new project, a stickman RPG. Every night he would stay up until 4am programming endlessly, but eventually out of frustration he could go no further, one morning he gave up and uploaded his game on Kongregate under the title ‘The Abandoned Project’, before going to sleep crying.



Just a few hours later he woke up for school. He quickly ate breakfast and sprinted to the Game Development Room, making sure to throw some pink flower petals along the way for good measure. Omazing, DannyDaNinja and Darkscanner were all there. He didn’t have time to say Hi, he quickly logged on to the closest computer to see how many plays his game had. 5 plays with a rating of 0.01/5.00. Shadowgrail broke down and started saying incomprehensible gibberish. Omazing and DannyDaNinja came over to see what was up but Darkscanner was too busy still using private browsing on safari.

DannyDaNinja peered over and took a glimpse at the game. It was amazing. The style, complexion and art captivated his soul and he instantly asked Shadowgrail if he wanted to team up. Shadowgrail wasn’t sure whether he was joking. Omazing nodded his head in agreement and also asked if he could join. The game was dubbed “BattleQuest” shortly after.

And so, a loaf of bread was put in the oven and the team of toast was forged.



A lot of work had to be done. The game’s code was messy and everybody was terrible at animating stickmen. But first we had to think of a team name. Something catchy and memorable. Omazing’s suggestions of “The Pussy Patrol” and “Death Metal Killerz” were quickly ruled out, but then DannyDaNinja got the genius idea of “Team Toasted Toast”. Omazing could not see the symbolism and so he kept on referring to the team as The Pussy Patrol but officially our name was Team Toasted Toast.


One day DannyDaNinja was talking to the ladies about the superiority of the RPG genre. Darkscanner was taking a break from privating browsing in safari for the first time in two years for a toliet break when he stumbled across DannyDaNinja. He was in awe of how alpha and talented DannyDaNinja was with the ladies, so he walked up to him after the ladies had moved on and asked how to get girls. DannyDaNinja chuckled and explained that RPG games make the girls swoon and so Darkscanner begged to join the team. And so our number increased by one.

Unfortunately that very day Omazing decided to stay at school late programming the new shop system. It was perfect but highly complex, he would have to explain it to the team the next morning or else they’ld never understand it and probably scrap all his effort. Finally he finished. He yawned and got up, saying goodbye to Darkscanner (who, yes, was using private browsing on safari) and left the Game Development Room. He stumbled out on the street. And at 11pm that night he was hit by a rogue truck driver, exploding him into little pieces and killing him instantly.

The news didn’t reach the Game Development Room until two days later. Nobody really cared and Darkscanner suggested we redesign the entire game and scrap all of Omazing’s hard work. The rest of the team agreed and we started working on a brand new art style.


Months passed. DannyDaNinja was getting impatient and set a final release date for the alpha version of the game. If they could just release the alpha they might get enough positive feedback and encouragement to work harder on the game. After a lot of procrastination the team worked harder than ever in the week leading up to christmas. They neglected their families to commit to the team and the dream of eventual sponsorship by Armor Games. Finally BattleQuest [ALPHA] was released on Christmas day. The game got over 3000 plays on Kongregate and Newgrounds collectively, with a rating of 3.10/5.00 on Kongregate and a rating of 3.10/5.00 on Newgrounds as well.

The team was relieved and they celebrated. But they did not know what was ahead.



Coming soon.


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