Project Eldaris v0.1 Released


Play here.

I should have a new version posted here in a few days, a week tops.


New game in the works

Money is quickly becoming a serious issue in my life, so rather than getting a job I’ve decided to put a few months of effort into a small beat-em-up arena style game. If all goes well it could be the first game I’ve ever got sponsored, and that makes income.

A castle and it’s surrounding lands belong to no lord after the death of it’s final heir and owner. High King Eldaris I has announced there will be a tournament to resolve the issue, the winner will be raised to lord status and the lands will be his. Highborners and common folk alike have traveled from afar to compete against each other, can you defeat all fifteen opponents and claim the prize for yourself?

Here’s a tiny demo where you can run around and hear your own footsteps.

Also happy Christmas.

BattleQuest back in production!

This blog has been aloud to die until today. It’s only getting a few views every week but for anyone who’s curious, THE TEAM IS BACK. Kind of, it looks like Darkscanner’s role will be reduced to playtesting since he doesn’t want to work on the game because it’s using AS2 (an old old programming langauge).

I remember I used to really care about the ‘public image’ of this blog, not wanting to put out more posts until the previous post had got a few comments.

I guess at this point I’m not updating for views nor comments, but to keep a record of the progress of BattleQuest’s development. BattleQuest has been in development for 3 years and 5 months now, and I was dissapointed when I found out there was nothing to really show for this amount of work. So I’ll keep on gradually updating this blog so I can look back at it one day and embrace in some nostalgia.

BattleQuest is being remade under a new name, but for the sake of convenience lets just keep on calling it BattleQuest here.

Also unlike the previous version, I’m planning to constantly give out unfinished versions of the game for people to give feedback if they want to.

Here’s whats to show after about 6 or 7 hours of work on the remake:

You can run around, and press X to attack. I guess all this is showing is that I’ve decided to shrink the graphics down so the characters and objects will be smaller and more action can fit on the screen.

It feels great to be back working on this game.

Game Over…


Well, we’ve had some fun times everybody, but it looks like we’re going to be packing up and calling it a day. To save myself from writing a long and boring article, I’m just going to use the old ‘our lives have been getting really busy’ excuse 😛

Seriously though, this blog shows just a brief glimpse into what’s been an amazing 2 and a 1/2 years.

Here’s a full list of all the projects we worked on, only several got to make the light of day:


BattleQuest – August 2011 – Jan 2013

There’s a theory about game collaborations which states that you should start by making small games to build trust and confidence in the team before gradually raising the bar to make big epic ones. Basically, we spent 17 months working on the same game and got nowhere in terms of playable content. Hundreds of items created for an inventory and shop system that never worked, character and monster art for characters and monsters who didn’t appear, etc… but damn, if I had to pick one game to be the poster boy for Team Toasted Toast, this would be it. Ended up getting 3000 plays on Newgrounds and Kongregate collectively, and was fairly well received.

Oldest screenshot (pre-2012)

Early 2012 screenshot

Drawings/concept stuff

Map of game world

Another old screenshot

Orc enemy which was cut from the alpha

SiegeQuest – Jan 2013 – May 2013

I really wanted to make this, but we all quickly grew bored of it. As you can probably tell from the screenshot, a lot of the art was ripped straight from Battlequest.

The village

Save Your Mom – March 2013 – June 2013

This is probably our best achievement, if the combat wasn’t so easy to exploit we could have had a masterpiece here. Ended up getting 3300 plays on Newgrounds and Kongregate collectively, and was fairly well received.

Cut military enemies

Mage – July 2013 – August 2013

Here’s another game that never got to see the light of day, we never figured out an official name for it but we got used to calling it ‘Mage’. I really loved the graphics style on this one, and also the storyline we figured out for the game, filled with lovable characters and pet slimes.

Some graphics

Mage’s house

Gameplay screenshot

The Abandoned Platformer – October 2013 – December 2013

Darkscanner did some serious black magic when he coded this, revealing himself to be the best programmer in the group. I seriously loved the art style of this game too, and the drug effects added to it’s beauty. Ended up getting 3600 plays on Newgrounds and Kongregate collectively, to everyone’s surprise it received lots of support from Newgrounds in terms of friendly reviews and ratings.

Early prototype-ish screenshot

Cut characters and stuff

Detention Simulator – November 2013 – December 2013

A fun little game I worked on when I should have been studying for exams. The game as a whole was an experiment, and I had no idea how it would be received. Ended up getting 1800 plays on Newgrounds and Kongregate collectively, and for a game that I made in just over a month I thought its ratings were fair.

Text RPG game – December 2013 – January 2014

I’m not sure if this game deserves a spot on this list as I’ve barely made any progress on it and it would likely be cancelled after a while anyway. But this is what we (well I was anyway) were working on up to now. The character graphics are ripped from Mage and the interface is ripped from BattleQuest, but I was really enthusiastic about this one, having always been a fan of all RPGs.

Game interface

Some characters


Well that’s Team Toasted Toast in a nutshell, folks. I’m going to stop making games for a while (perhaps forever), Omazing stopped ages ago, and I have no idea what Shadowgrail is up to these days. BUT, there’s a good chance Darkscanner will still be doing stuff, so I recommend you keep an eye on his Kong profile, and maybe even his website too (free viruses included!)

Thanks and good night!

– DannyDaNinja

P.S,  also here’s a picture of proud dawg, our loyal mascot since the beginning.


Time bending and horrible idles

Hey, Darkscanner here.

So lately, me and Danny have been working on a small, yet awesome platformer in which you can consume drugs to gain awesome time bending powers.

Unfortunately  we have decided we probably won’t be continuing it, in spite of this development, we received a weird amount of overwhelmingly positive attention on  Newgrounds. Feel free to see for yourself here.

In other news, I finished my own mediocre game: Water Cool Idle. As you can infer by the name, it’s an idle game about water coolers. Despite it’s ‘meh’ quality, I did spend a lot of time making it, so I do hope everybody enjoys it. You can find it at Newgrounds, or at my own website.

Oh, also Danny is god and is way cooler than me. Happy Kwanzaa everybody!

Detention Simulator

Now that the year is coming to an end we’ve found a lot more time than usual to work on some of our projects. This is a game we’ve been working on for about a month or two.

Play on Kongregate

Play on Newgrounds


Right now I need to get some sleep (but maybe just a bit of counter strike first) but as of this writing the game has been out for almost an hour and has got 5 plays on Kongregate and 32 plays on Newgrounds… not off to a great start.

I might do a follow-up of this post in a few days and discuss the design theories behind the game (eg. lowering the player’s expectations and making them bored then shoving a deadly fast-paced action scene in their face) and discuss whether Kongregate or Newgrounds is better in terms of giving new games from unrecognized devs exposure to the public.

But until then, enjoy the game!

Save Your Mom (Demo)

We are now unveiling our new project, Save Your Mom!


We canceled the production of our last project for this masterpiece. *muah*

The game has been in production since February. It was originally supposed to be for that One Game A Month thing on Kongregate, but we ended up postponing it.  We couldn’t get much done so it ended up being a demo.  We’re planning to add much more to the full version though.

In the meantime, it is delayed.

We have plans for the production of a new game, so stay tuned!